Privacy Policy

Information on our privacy policy can be found below.

Our privacy policy aims to provide you with details about the type of information that we collect from you as well as how we use that data.


This site may use cookies.  Please be aware of this and if this is an issue we suggest that you clear your browser cache upon exiting the website.

For those of you unfamiliar with cookies, we will explain a little more about them here.  A cookie is a basic file that is stored on your PC, tablet, laptop or mobile device.  It is placed there by a web server when you visit a website.  Within that cookie is information that many sites use to improve your browsing experience.  More detailed information about cookies can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Personal Data:

As far as we are aware we do not collect personal information about you on the site.  The only way we believe we may receive personal information is if you contact us through the site and provide us with your name and email address.  Any information therefore that we gather from you via our contact page is typically only used to respond to you.  If you have ny further comments about our use of your personal data then we suggest you contact us via the message system available here.